Liberty Mutual discount

Thanks Nick for getting us a discount on Liberty Mutual insurance .It just saved me 500.00 a year off my car insurance

Membership has its privileges.

BTW: We have a Liberty Mutual representative at most stops of the Inspector Marketing World Tour.

Wow, nice.

Just keep in mind, never perform an inspection for Liberty Mutual because they do not pay their contractors.

They dont pay, or they dont pay promptly? Either is bad for me…

They do not pay. A mold remediator and me has never received payment because we did not patty-cake a job for them. The adjuster kept on screwing up and he wanted us to cover his butt. When homeowners keep on getting screwed over by their insurance company, they lawyer up. Hopefully the dust has cleared and when I get time I will be taking them to small claims court to get my money. I am going to take both Liberty Mutual and the homeowners. They both agreed to pay before I even took the job. I am just going to let the judge decide who pays me what. It will cost Liberty Mutual more in lawyer fees to send a lawyer out to a rural court than what they owe me. Small towns judges will not put up with their tactics either.

Sorry to hear it on your end, gut good to know…

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I see it has this; when the BP oil spill happened and they got caught covering things up. All the owners of the BP stations in my area switched to selling a different brand of gasoline, mainly because these owners had morals.

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