License Numbers in Florida

Does any one know yet what format the license new numbers will have?

I have several different licenses from the DBPR and some have differing formats. My building license for instance has the format of CBC####### and my proctors license is just four digits.

I was doing some lat outs for new literature and it would be handy not to have to wait on the state to mail me the actual license.

BTW: Thanks Zoe and crew you guy’s made dealing with the staties a breeze.


Thank you Larry… I have really been blessed during the first 2 months of this association.
My Clerk Connie - who normally travels with me isn’t really my clerk at all. She used to be - but she moved so far away she had to get a job closer to Eagle Lake. BTW - she lives in Plant City now and if anyone needs help - She is AWSOME!!!
The other helpers are local inspectors who act as Monitors once they have passed the exam. Having a local face in these Cities where I am a stranger - has really been Hugh help!! Thank you to all you made this first run possible!!

To answer your question - and I am most likely wrong - But I’ve been listing the license numbers on the Florida InterNACHI records as Fl HI LC# 00043 (which is my license number) I don’t mean I use the same number for everyone - but as numbers are e-mailed into me - I update my records using that format.

I’ve been semi keeping track of the DBPR Licensing site and there are surprisingly few applicants and License numbers issued so far. When I checked last Friday - Florida InterNACHI members seemed to be out front on the actual licenses issued.

BTW: Check out
All the Florida InterNACHI current members are posted now.

For the record, if you need some one to help in my area for the next round of tests I’d be glad to help. It’s the least I could do for you guys.

Mine is “HI21”

In that format

Good going John!!
I know this is not a competition - or a race - but when we started back in 1998 - one of the electricians I road with still had his Master Electrical License from back in the 1980’s. They don’t even issue those type any more. Being one of the first is really something to be proud of.


We’ll be coming your way at the end of the month - I’ll call you…Thank you so much.

Ready and waiting.

Mailed application July 1, — Application #18
Received license August 18 ---- License #181

I’m still shootin’ for #666 :stuck_out_tongue:

With your luck Joe you’ll get 999

Got mine last week. it is HI104

Yes format is HI #103 that is mine.

Got mine last week also HI83.

thanx FLNACHI…and thank you INTERnachi…and of course Zoe and Dennis…

and I can’t forget Gerry for his wisdom and help

application #158
License # 214=D>

Yeah, ended up with #176 Trombones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wo hoo Hi#299

Now for that mold license.

Great minds think alike!

Received mine late last week #231