License Plates - What's Yours Say !

Hey Guys…

Here is my license plate…any of you have a catchy plate?


My personal car is a 2005 Honda Element.

My plate reads MYLEMENT

One says IMA 396, one says 70SS454 and one says GRAMPS


inspected once,inspected right

Guess what mine says…

Hint: my screen name

…Yes in deedeee there goes


Roy you’re a poet and don’t know it!

Some of you may have seen this before. . .


If you have any really unique ideas, you should send them to NAHI, right away. I hear that Mallory Anderson will be making them, herself…

Be sure and let me know if you know*** what*** the car is… :mrgreen:


No fair Joe… You musta googled it!

That’s actually a car I believe was owned by a guy named Pete…

Mine looks like this…

1 of only 463 made…
Completely Stock…
64,000 miles/one owner…

PICT0042 -less than 100K.jpg

Here’s mine!



Mike is it a Hurst Olds?

You’re killin’ me!:shock:

It’s the fastest US production car made in 86/87 - A Buick Turbo Regal had the SFI intercooled and turbo charged 3.8L V-6
(Bosch designed, though) They killed vettes and everything else in their day.

Some 1987 Production Numbers

20,193 Grand Nationals
5107 Turbo - T Types
547 GNX’s

1986 was the only year of the Intercooled Designer Series WH1’s…

463 of those were built.

at least you didn’t call it a Monte Carlo :mrgreen:

Paul you just won’t post outside of Electrical will you …:wink:

What’s outside of electrical?


Sorry I haven’t kept up with performance cars since I sold my (3) 1969 Olds 442’s. One was a convertible I sold it for $5500 now I see they are fetching $25K and more.

After that I was bitten by the diesel bug and have drove diesel cars and trucks ever since.

Absolutely nothing worthwhile… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

No worries Brian…

but speaking of Diesels,

I was reading about GM’s 4.5L diesel they’re going to put in the 1500 series trucks will get 34mpg combined, have over 330 HP and 550 ft lbs torque with most of that (480+) on by 1800 rpm…Should be available after 2009 (speculation that it may be available late as an 09.5)

I finally see and end to the string of Ford trucks I’ve been driving. :smiley: