I will try again. Can anyone tell me approximately how long it takes to get the license after sending everything in?

What license? Where? If you go to your control panel on this board and fill out your profile it will help you get a response.

Mine took about 3 weeks. But I wasn’t in a rush to use it. I followed someone for a loooong time.

Robert A. Wilson]( lives in

**Colorado Mountain Home Inspection LLC **

                                PO BOx 453, Fairplay, Co.80440                                                     719-459-3969

I understand that if you have a construction background, it averages about one month per year of your background to perform the investigation.

Oh, growers license. My bad.

Currently it takes several weeks to get a HI license.

Thank you JOHN, As of three weeks ago I live in Citrus county. Left my son a very successful business inspecting high end vacation homes in and around the ski areas.