Hello All,

I have a question, how long did it take for you guys to receive confirmation or where abel to locate your application with the DBPR? I sent in my app last Wednesday the 28th and nothing is showing yet.

It took about 10 days before I saw that the application was being processed on the DBPR site. Once all the different areas were approved the license came in the mail to me about a week later. It was much faster than I anticipated. Go here to check on it.

My application was received on 7/28 approved 8/6 and issued (though still not received) 8/11 but it will expire 7/31/2011. I was amazed that the turnaround was so quick.

Hello Aubrey,

Yes the turnaround time was super fast. I am now waiting for it in the mail…

things should speed up a little now that you no longer have to submit 120 reports if you are going the grandpa route. You have to know, someone finally raised their hand and asked, “WTF are we doing scanning all these reports that the State now has to keep on file for years to come because of the Law?”

They finally have enough confetti for the next election from shredding the reports. Thats it folks, we have enough ---- just cal in for your license now and we will process over the phone. Our tax money working efficiently once again.

I just checked and saw that mine was finally approved 8/17! License # HI169