Licensed electrical contractor

Do you think this CSST bonding was done by a licensed electrical contractor :joy:

What matters to a home inspector is whether it was done properly, not who did it.

In your opinion, is this done properly?

Some things we can’t tell from here, no matter how long we look at the photos include: how long the conductor is, what gauge it is, how/where it’s connected inside the panel.

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In many places the electrical contractor is not responsible for bonding CSST so that could have been done by a plumber.

You do have bonding present who did it doesn’t matter. It would have been inspected by the AHJ during install.

I agree, but the title of this thread is Licensed Electrical Contractor. :smiley:

In Maryland a statement is required in the home inspection report saying that only a licensed master electrician can verify the CSST bonding. Simply a CYA in my opinion. But my SWAG is no it is not done correctly. No.1 the bonding conductor must be at least 6 awg. No 2 the bond point must be at the origin of the CSST (not in the middle as this manifold). Looks like the CSST in the upper left before the regulator is the inlet from the meter, which means the bond should occur on the pipe out of the meter (before the CSST, probably outdoors).

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Correct Robert,
Okla has similar verbiage:
Manufacturer’s believe the product is safer if properly bonded and grounded as required by the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Proper bonding and grounding of the product can only be determined by a licensed electrical contractor.

When I saw what turned out to be the bonding conductor entering the panel unclamped and attached to the grounding buss without any green tape my curiosity rose. Then the work at the gas manifold was icing on the cake.

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