Licensed HVAC tech

Anyone licensed to service a furnace and lives near Tacoma, WA, I’ve got a referral for you. However, the homeowner needs to pay out of closing. Let me know if you’re interested.


We are HI’s, not HVAC technicians.

It’s my understanding (because I’ve seen them) thant non-members, non HIs read this part of the forum. Just thought I might catch someone’s attention.

Sounds like great thinking to me. Any tech on this forum is hear to help each and every one of us inspectors… So if we can help them too, that’s great.

Pay it forward. :mrgreen:

Speak for yourself David! :wink:

My wife and I are heading to Washington at the end of Aug for two weeks to hang out for a couple of weeks. Besides this guy, do any of you have any “must See’s” for me?!

If you’re an outdoors guy, I would definitely take a ride up to Mt. Rainier. Snoqualmie falls is amazing too. If your not into the outdoors too much, there’s dinner at the top of the Space Needle or the underground tour of Seattle…just to name a couple.

Do you pay travel time from Illinois to Washington and back?:mrgreen:

If in Seattle, don’t miss Pike Street Market. Very entertaining !!

Beware of flying fish!!

OK! :slight_smile:


Pike street was where all of the perverts hung out ???

David I have not been in Seattle since 1964 but use to hang out up toward Stevens pass and a couple little towns that I can not spell the names something like skykomish and snohomish. Used to camp out on money creek beautiful country and the girls were not to bad either;-) use to take the ferry between Pier 91 and bremberton ship yard nice ride.

Don’t know about that, although I have definitely seen some stange-looking people there. That’s part of the ‘entertainment’ as far as I am concerned !!