Licensed inspector
Sheldon Ali Great job! Need an licensed and insured Inspector don’t hesitate to call me 416.617.2403

While we are talking about licensing someone apparently is licensed already. :mrgreen:

Yuri the same thing happened here. He has removed all his stuff from his stationary.

Just got a PM from that guy. Keeping up with punctuation and grammar. LOL

Where applicable our Inspectors go through necessary steps too get liscensed(certain parts of Canada and usa). In the case of Toronto where it is unregulated(hopefully changes soon) Our CEO of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections works closely with Alan Carson and we all go through the Carson Dunlop course. Also unlike some other Inspectors we carry errors and emissions insurance so the client has a complaint and resolution process. We are also members of various associations. Thanks have a nice day!

I counted at least 10 errors in a quick read through.


He does however state on his facebook page he’s Owner/President at Buyers Choice.

I wonder if Bill Redfern would agree with that :smiley: