Licensed Roofer

I am a general contractor and am currently performing wind mitigation
inspections in the south florida area. I am interested in locating a lisenced
roofer who would like to make some extra money. My customers have been
asking more and more for us to perform roof certs and 4-points but I am not a lisenced roofer. We employ only lisenced contractors and inspectors with a minimum of two years experience in the industry. I will provide the lisenced inspectors to perform the inspections and formulate the reports. In other words you will not have to physically be on the premises yet will receive a percentage of the fee. If someone out there is interested please email me at

Wow! What would you do with someone that has 40.? :mrgreen:
Sounds to good to be true. :slight_smile:

Is it just me, or does this sound unethical to anyone else? :neutral:

In the State of Fl you could do it as the GC. I have been doing more and more roof certs. Citizens now requires one with any roof that is on a home greater than 25 years old. Ironically if I do a four point they do not need it, but if I do a wind mit they need a roof cert.