licenses issued

Through yesterday, here are the number of licenses issued:
Home Inspectors - 3862
Mold Related Services - 3295

Who will defend the public from this horde of incompetent imbeciles, obviously not the government who sold this nightmare to the citizens of Florida.

The same group that protected the public before licensing.

The Realtors?:shock:

The market will cleanse itself it of inspectors that do poor work.

With all due repect to you as a Master Inspector - Why do you think that all new inspectors are incompetant imbeciles?
Weren’t you new at one point? Does that mean at one point you were an incompetant embecile too?


Who knows? I was a construction professional for over 20 years before becoming a home inspector. Once I decided to funnel my talents into home inspecting, I then spent a few thousand dollars acquiring a legitimate education.

Of course the big difference between me and the horde of now newly licensed incompetent imbeciles is that I had to prove my merits to the public instead of being able to flash a hot piece of paper issued by the state which said I was a qualified home inspector.


Yep and now all those morons will appear just as qualified as you in the clients eyes.

Yeah Florida, another great decisions from a bunch of idiots.