Licensing ever coming to California?????

There has to be some major politics in Sacramento, all these years and no licensing for inspectors in California… I am sure it will come sooner or later, just wonder what is in the pipeline? I don’t want to pay the State any more in taxes than I have too… and licensing just equals more taxes! If they want to require home inspectors to have insurance, I can understand that but what I wonder what the other requirements may be… I am sure that CREIA will be all over the State legislators, I personally don’t want to pay CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) $800 a year to belong to their organization. What a RIP OFF!!!

Oh come on Justin, licensing solves all problems. :lol:

Just means we have to pay more to the State to fund their beaucracy!

California is the state-of-the-art and very unlikely to change. Declarative regulation. Put the requirements in statute and let plaintiffs enforce it.

The realty interests get what they want, it costs the legislature nothing to implement and does not have the perceptual problem of regulation by a realtor board. Everybody loves it except inspectors, and there aren’t enough inspectors to matter.

IMO it’s still better than licensing.

Russell in Texas