Licensing Exam Question.

I am about 12 hours away from finishing my 120 credit hours in order to take the certification exam. So far everything is going great, but there obviously is A LOT of information. Any suggestions on a good source or strategy as how to “review” the course work before taking the proctored exam?

-Cuyler Davis

Get those code check books. I got mine at Home Depot years ago.

It would help to know where you are from. The Florida test is basically like the intetNACHI practice one from what I hear. Not sure if it changed since I took it even though I did not have to but I finished in about 20 minutes or so. All I did was the Nachi exam as practice like once. The Florida test was a Joke I do not know if it has changed or if yours is different because I do not know where you are but good luck.

Cuyler, you are in Florida. Are you taking InterNACHI’s proctored exam to get licensed in Florida?

Do the practice exam here until you have no problem getting a score that you’re satisfied with. If your state has licensing make sure to study the laws & SOP of your state, as they are sure to include questions about these items. Best of luck.

I took the FL exam in Dec 2014. Only one question was the same as the practice exam offered here. But that being said, I scored a 92%, which is pretty close to my practice exam numbers of 94-96%
In my opinion, if you’re scoring in the mid 90’s on the practice exam, you’ll likely pass without any issues unless you have a major weak spot/category.

Just figure out your weak spots and study up on them.

And before the official exam, get a good night sleep, treat yourself to a good breakfast, and stay well hydrated. That way your mind is working at 100% efficiency :wink:

…and read the question and possible answers carefully, take your time. Especially the true/false questions. There are a few questions that I found to be 99.5% true, but if it’s not 100% true, the answer is false.

I’m sure I got those questions correct because I scored 100% in those categories that these tricky questions resided.

I believe that InspectorOutlet has some test question flash cards.

Yes, I am taking the proctored exam in Florida.

What part of Florida are you from?


If I may be of assistance, please let me know. Check out…

I took the proctored exam this morning (April 25, 2017) in West Palm Beach and passed :D. After retiring as a NYC Firefighter not too long ago, I am glad I joined #InterNACHI and look forward to doing home inspections here in South Florida. Since I’ve inspected thousands of buildings up in NY. For anyone looking to take the proctored test, best advice I can give is to do the online exam as many times as you need to consistently score in the mid to high 90’s before taking the real test. The proctored test has many of the questions found in the practice tests, but there are others that aren’t. Good luck to all and be safe out there. No excuses for no PPE!!!