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Yes I did.

While Ontario’s population is about one third of California’s, its debt load is more than double that of the biggest U.S. state…

There should be a law that prevents government’s from spending more than its revenue!

Well, at least we can all get free tuition :slight_smile:

Getting a piece of the home sealers pie would be nice, except, what happens when the deal falls through, say because of out report.

We would then technically be working for the seller as the seller would be paying us, and that will make the zealots out there say we are writing soft reports so the deal closes to get our piece of the pie.

No , we all just put our pricing up to reflect the actual costs and value of the work we do. Re’s would need to drop commission rate as they no longer carry the largest burden of liability and to prevent home owners getting gouged, and of course to get listings as there are more and more ways to sell a home. Prudent buyers still would need a licensed home inspector though.

Good Luck trying to get an agent to drop their fees, I have had a couple ask me to do them for free to get my foot in the door, I asked them to if they would drop the commission, and they just stared at me.

You are right Jay asking would do no good but if they want to sell they will be forced to make their prices fit consumer demand within the market. If a home inspection costs 1 % and consumers are already balking at 5% costs , hence the rise of diy selling companies, the re’s will have no choice but to lower prices to get work. It has become a competitive marketplace with the advent of .com DIY sales companies. Licensing will bring large changes. It’s up to the home inspectors who get licensed, especially those who get licenses right away, what the inspection industry turns into. All inspectors RAISING PRICES SIGNIFICANTLY right off the bat to accurately reflect increased immediate and ongoing costs should be only the first step.

Bill 165 Carried ,

Bill 165 Home inspectors Passed second reading .

Bill now passes to regulations committee for refinement before being returned to the assembly for 3rd and final reading

19,000 Realtors vs 1,500 Home Inspectors. Good luck with that lobbying battle.

Could be done but will not be done .
If all Canadian Inspectors would agree then it could happen .
But No way will this happen .

Beauty of it we don’t have to lobby anyone. We decide on our fees not the real estate profession. If they don’t drop prices and the consumer decides to go with property guys or one of the many others popping up I don’t care I get the inspections anyway

For those that are interested, the full Hansard transcript of today’s proceedings can be found here

TJ was there representing InterNACHI but it appeared that got missed from the introduction.

A VERY interesting day.

While I wish what you said was different, I feel you may be correct Roy. :frowning:

I think the persons in the picture are
1 TJ smith
2 Murray parish ( Oahi Pres )
3 MPP Han Dong
4 Graham Clark
5 Pat Auriol
6 David Hellyer
7 Len Inkster

Thanks Roy, I forgot to put that in. Graham Clarke is this years CAHPI president.

Sorry but I was also invited, but not able to attend. Member Percy Hatfield spoke on behalf of the Windsor-Tecumseh riding.

I noticed that all the references during a debate were made to OAHI as the only legitimate association although they said there are 9 associations presently in Ontario. And another thing about affordable home inspection fees. What figure do they have in mind as an affordable one?

Many MPP spoke on how poor some home inspectors frequently are .
Example Ms. Sophie Kiwala:
(" I have benefited greatly from home inspectors’ services, both personally in the purchase of my own home and as part of my professional work. My brother, on the other hand, experienced some life-changing difficulties. He purchased a home that had mould in the basement. It was not discovered during the home inspection, and he lived in that home for several years before he realized that he was inflicting permanent damage to his lungs. Since that time, he has endured years of difficulty breathing, numerous lengthy hospital stays, and massive doses of prednisone, which have depleted his bone mass to a fraction of what it once was, to the point where he can break ribs from coughing. His lungs function at 30% of their normal capacity. Surely, there is nothing worse than watching a loved one struggle for every breath. ")

Gee lived there for six years and the inspection missed the mould .
It is all the inspectors fault??? This is just one example there are others .

Yes, and it was a very entertaining speech… Good guy! :slight_smile:

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