Licensing Process

So I have been reading way to much and have seen conflicting information. Can someone please just do a quick run down of what the process is in Florida to get licensed? I.e complete the 120 hours…next step…etc.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Also just an FYI I have completed the 120 hours and taken the practice exam several times and passed with high 80’s.

I don’t know about Florida but…

Welcome to our forum Timothy!..Enjoy! :smile:

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-Pass your test
-Call and get at least Liability insurance and consider E&O
-Go online DPBR and complete your business license
-Go online and register your business if you are going independent
-Don’t go to the online forums asking questions you haven’t already tried to figure out.
-Start reviewing the FBC and understand how to research it without buying it… yes it’s free to search.

*Start selling yourself and learn SEO if you are independent… your first research project.


Have you by chance taken the test in Florida? I have read conflicting info saying you have to take a state test as well as the Internachi proctored exam.

I took the FABI test. Figure out which test you’re going to take and Find a practice exam app. Go over it multiple times so you know what to expect. It will be stressful but practice more than you ever think you need to.

Good luck.

I could be wrong, but I think the proctored InterNACHI exam qualifies for the state testing requirement. I’m about a third of the way there.

What are the requirements to become a licensed home inspector in Florida?

Proctor’s exam is for the State license

Check list on DBPR for applying for Home Inspectors license

I think using the paper application is easier & then you can overnight it to DBPR

Where are you located in Florida?

You can take test multiple places…
You might as well take it through NACHI since you did your online training there.

Robert, I’m in the same boat as Timothy in preparing for the state exam. When you say “Go online and register your business” are you talking about setting up a corporation or LLC? If so, that answers my question of which comes first: the state license or the business entity.

I am located in Tampa.

Took my exam yesterday! Finished in 28 minutes with an 85 woohooo!

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Congratulations, Timothy!

Congratulations. Did you take the InterNACHI exam option?

I did. I took the 120 hour online course, then scheduled a proctored exam in my area, went to the site and took the test.


what study app did you use for the FABI?

You have to figure out what type of business you’re going to setup based on your needs. I’m a one man band so I setup an LLC and pay a tax guy about $600 to do my taxes as an S-Corp. I hate taxes so I pay to have it done. I can’t tell you which would be better but for me LLC works fine. Ask a Tax advisor if you really don’t know, most will talk to you before charging just to get you started.

I don’t recall the name of it after three years. Sorry bud.

its okay. Thanks for the reply. I may just take the proctored test offered by InterNACHI