Licensing Question

On the Florida Home Inspector License Application In Section VIII - Proof of Insurance It says on the application insurance-For active licensees only.

Does that mean we do not need to mark anything to get the license?

Have you obtained commercial general liability insurance determined by 468.8322?

Yes or No

If anyone has marked no and still got their license please let me know?

Is a comprehensive Business Liability policy of 1 to 2 mill good enough or do we need to have something called specifically commercial general liability insurance? in the specified amounts?

Thanks for your help and advice in advance.


I would assume that you could recieve your Home Inspection License in an inactive status by completing the application process and checking “NO” for the insurance acknowledgement. I don’t know for sure, but you can call 850-487-1395 Central Control or call Rick Morisson (Exec. Director DBPR) at 850 922-6020 ---- or Robin Barineau (Exec. Dir. DBPR) at 850-487-8197 ------ These are the contacts numbers for the HI licensing that I used.

As far as insurance, Comprehensive Business Liability Policy has provisions for General Liability, but also has some exclusions that apply. You may be able to use your existing insurance if you are using the same company name. You may need to notify your agent that you are also now a licensed HI (when you get the license). Check with your insurance agent, he will know. Contrarily, You may also want to separate your construction company from your HI company from an insurance viewpoint. I’m pretty sure your HI insurance will be considerably less than contractors insurance. I guess you could hang both hats in the same company name if you wanted too. If not, my suggestion is that you use your State HI License to qualify your HI company and not your GC License, that way you will be paying premiums based on the HI .

Thanks for all the info.

I’m trying to take the proctored exam. I really don’t want to drive the 1.5 - 2 hours to Fort Pierce (closest location). Is there anywhere besides here that lists times and locations for tests? Further out than a month would be great. Somewhere south of West Palm would be best.

Dennis is right, sort of. What they mean by “for active licensee only” is that the insurance is not required if your license is on inactive statis. However I don’t know if they will issue a license inactive.