Licensing Smokes?

The city of San Fransisco wants to license existing “Head Shops” in the Height Ashbury district to prevent new “Head Shops” from opening up, a move that would protect existing “Head Shops” from new competition.

Remember when it comes to licensing… it is always about protecting one’s market share form competition regardless of what profession you are in.

San Francisco Smoke Shops May Burn Out

Then we should all be pro Licensing.

You probably just gave Nick an idea. :mrgreen:

I can see it now, INachi (Head Shops) Inspector Shops popping up across America and then the world.

“The one stop shop for all your home and business inspecting needs”.

Michael Phelps will be the spokesperson

His endorsement should come at a substantially lower rate. :slight_smile:

Give the kid a break, after all, you just voted for a man who admits using Cocaine for President.

Depends on what he is endorsing.
20% might pay more.

And you voted for a man who admitted he didn’t know much about the economy.

nor about filling out a federal tax return!!

Your right and got the vote on the bailout package wrong right along with Obama.:shock: