Licensing Solves Some Things, Believe It or Not

What is a problem that licensing solves? It eventually destroys the association that pushes it on us, as is graphically described in this email sent to ASHI members in North Carolina.

The dwindling membership since licensing came into effect (Who in the heck wants or needs to pay ASHI AND the state for ‘credentials’?) has forced them to eliminate a valued paid position - their Executive Director.

It’s sad, yet comical, to read how the same people who pushed for a law now are demanding money from their membership to protect them from it.

We encourage the rank and file ASHI members to abandon the agendas of their leaders seeking favor (and jobs) with ITA and help us to fight the licensing efforts designed to “equalize” all home inspectors and help the real estate salespeople find the $175 home inspector for his client.

Have you got a mouse in your pocket James?

Are we going to take up another ASHI donation?

I will triple the amount of my last donation. :wink: