Licensing the watermelon industry doesn't make watermelon businessmen any smarter.

Two guys were buying watermelons down South for a dollar, driving them up North in their pickup truck, and selling them for a dollar. After a couple weeks they realized that they weren’t making any money. So they changed their business model by buying a bigger truck.

Licensing them won’t smarten them up.

Get used to low-margin competitors. They are in every industry. Licensing doesn’t eliminate them

Licensing does not necessarily create the lowballing week-end home inspector…but it does legitimize him and allows him to present, along with his dirt low fee, a license to represent his state recognized competency and skill - that looks just like yours.

This is the harmful threat that home inspection licensing bills pose to the public…when the State, instead of the market, determines who should be in business.

And don’t forget that the client who pays $195 for the unemployed plumber’s apprentice to inspect his home…and who incurs damages from an errant report…will want to blame an entire industry that needs even better and tighter politically generated controls over you and your business. Thus, the “dumbing down” process becomes perpetual.


A license isn’t a credential. It is proof of that you received permission to operate. And luckily for us, it is mostly home inspectors who think that a license is a credential… not the general public. The general public, for the most part, understands that a license to operate means little… and most consumers assume you are operating legally. Whipty do!

I suspect that there will be more marketing campaigns that outright belittle licenses, and agents who harm their clients by failing to warn them that a state license means nearly nothing.

Now that FL is all licensed up… it’s an all out marketing race.

Those who can recognize the difference between a “marketing race” and a “price war” will be around long enough to renew their licenses. Those who don’t…won’t.

So true. I have not found one complaint about an home inspector in Missouri that was not a lowballer. Also they were all referred by Realtors. Some even had multiple complaints filed against them, but the Realtors still kept on referring these inspectors. Sad but true.

Q: Do you know why the state licensed so many deadbeat uneducated, inexperienced newbies who never performed even one home inspection?

A: Keeps the flies off of the watermelons.