Life is short.....enjoy it

Sad thing happened to me on monday…I was breaking in a new inspector for the city…you know…having conversations, talking about the work ahead and the many challenges and you know…normal office talk.
We went out on our inspections as it was his first day…all seemed fine.
Came to work on Tuesday and he did not show up…i was worried i ran him off…got a call about mid-day…and i was shocked at what i was told.
He went home monday night and had a heart attack and died…I knew the man only 1 day…

Life is short…its not all WORK…make time for the things that really count…your family.

I could not agree more!!

Agreed, very good post Paul.

…and to think I thought I was hard on my help.

Nobody on their death bed ever says " I wish I would have put in more hours at work." " I work to live , not live to work. " I am going to play with my kids now.

Funny this should come up today, I heard on the news today that the Monster Truck show was coming this weekend and I’m scheduled to work. I thought to myself, I always say “sometime soon”. So I went on-line (kind of like the point of no return) and got me some tickets for the show. Now I feel even more satisfied that I did.


Which show and where?

We go to “Monster Jam Summer Heat” at Lebanon Valley Speedway every year. My young son got the whole family into it about 4-5 years ago. He was about four at the time.

We also go to several National motocross races every year. Our new thing is the whole weekend at Unadilla.
Hopefully in a few years I’ll get VIP racer passes if my son gets good enough.

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

I’ve never been to one, my son and daughter did about 5 years ago with my brother, so they were about 5 back then.

And I told my son this afternoon that we’re going to Nassau again when the circus comes out and a Mets game too (he’s only been asking me for 2 years now :roll:, sheesh, go figure)

I know it well. I grew up in Nassau Cty.

I found out a past girlfreind whom I still considered a special person had died.
Same kind of feeling , in that you realise there is no time like now.
I keep a wooden sign attached under my rear view mirror , and it says ;
Sometimes in looking ahead we forget to (be now).

Speedy we have A grand national motocross in Ponca City every August ever been here. Its 10 miles and I have never been??? To Noisy

This is very sad. Especially as he did not make retirement. I have that fear.

But personally if I am going to pass away while of working age, I’d rather it be the start of the week than the end.

There is always a silver lining. Please do not let me die on a Friday.

So true Paul
On october 31st I played 18 holes of golf with my little Brother…about 10 days later I watched him die in a hospital bed from coplications following a routine surgery…He was my best friend and we had so much left to do and so many things left to say…don’t put anything off …You never know how much time You have …jim

No, we stay pretty much in the Northeast.

Life is short…enjoy…2/15/08 6:48 PMtotal bull**** - again

This is SOOO sad…someone just does not get it and they are an A-HOLE to boot…OH and too much of a COWARD to post a name behind the post. Yet another reason why experts hate helping some people…they are simply a poor excuse for a human being…and obviously the smart A$$ that posted that on my story has no clue…do you want to read about the guy who dies…visit the online newspaper for Richmond, VA and search the obits for an man named Arthur Case Jr…you will see the man is dead…GROW UP…nothing I POST is BS…if you open up your EYES you will see that PINHEAD !!!

That brings back flashbacks from elementary school.


I understand how you feel. When I was a young, just out of the Navy, engineer, I was required by policy to let a man go that showed up on a jobsite intoxicated for the second day in a row. I took him to the bus stop, bought him a ticket home. Three hours later he stepped off the bus into the path of another bus at the station and was killed.

Tough Day,


Why Marc…because you did not use your name after the comment or the term Pinhead…

Just havn’t heard that since elementary school, is all.