Life-safety section added to Commercial SOP.

Certainly…any time :slight_smile: .
Russell and I are happy to play a role in the checks & balances that iNACHI offers on the message board and to posit opposing & contrarian views.

A disclaimer does EXACTLY the same thing, except without risk that the information provided will be misconstrued or relied upon without technical merit.

By your own criteria:

We want to do is to MAXIMIZE the commercial inspector’s ability to disclaim

We want to MINIMIZE that which a commercial inspector is required to do

the conclusion is obvious.

And the assertion it cannot be disclaimed is simply wrong. Ask your own commercial instructor. This is a new topic in an old business.

Thanks again for the fair venue, Nick. You’ll do what you want. I’m gonna turn my attention to something more challenging. E.g., Sniping ducks off a pond, shooting fish in a barrel, whipping a puppy, skewering home inspectors that infer they take responsibility for life safety. Easy is good. :cool:


Group effort, thanks guys.