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Comments please?


Get David Valley or someone to whip up a “Lifetime Member” logo and anyone who plans to be a member through their inspection career can use it.


How does that differentiate lifetime membership holders from anyone else then?

Thanks for your response Nick. If you would address Scott’s question, it would be appreciated. I share the same question. Also, along with the logo, is there any way for our “Membership Status” to reflect the “Lifetime Membership” status, when someone clicks on our Nachi “Click to Verify” icon on our websites? Currently, it shows our annual renewal date.

We can’t do much to give some InterNACHI members a competitive advantage over other InterNACHI members (tiered membership levels) like unASHI does. That is why, years ago, we pulled Certified Master Inspector out of InterNACHI and into its own board that does nothing but administer the professional designation

Back then, there were 3 years of heated discussions on this message board that resulted in a near consensus that we should resist anything that smacks of tiered membership.

If someone is a designated LIFE member there is nothing from stopping them from advertising that now on all their “stuff”. I believe the question is…how does one acquire a Life member status. I have seen free Life time memberships awarded to people (I am one) and that alone is solely based on the monetary element of membership. Correct me if I am mistaken.

I am also a life member of NACHI. Personally, I feel it is wrong for any life members to be distinguished from full paying NACHI members. Simply not fair guy’s.

IMO we are ALL “Lifetime members”. Dues are simply $289/year. :slight_smile:

I agree Rick, and most of us here are Lifetime Members or will be, and for that price, will continue to be one.

It is my understanding that most of the Award Winners of the Member of the Year Program initiated by the Awards Committee, Nick has provided them with a Lifetime Membership along with the Award itself.

Nick might be able to elaborate and comment some more on that.

As far as a Logo, if the receipient of a Lifetime Membership was Awarded due to part of, the Member of the Year Program, maybe this is something the Awards Committee could look into for you all.
I believe that the Award Winners of the Year as of now have been flaunting it on their Websites without the Logo.

Not a bad idea, but the Logo for an accomplishment as such should remain solely to those that have earned the Free Membership.

Nick, up to you now to elaborate on this suggestion for the Members. :):D;)

Exactly! The accomplishment should be highlighted/marketed/logo’d (ie. MOY) not necessarily the “Lifetime membership”

I agree Rick.

A logo to flaunt the title of MOY would be enough to convey the accomplishment and the Lifetime Membership award is solely an embellishment provided by the Organization and does not need to be advertized.
If some of the Members of this Organization have earned that extra benefit, that is up to Nick to decide. We do not have to upset some of the New Members that do not understand the whole system as to why Mobey and Dick are getting a free Membership.
That could possibly cause some discrimination thoughts from some new members.


All I can say is that we have to be careful to respect the years of work the members who hashed the whole “tiered membership” thing already did.


Thanks for your input. The last thing I would ever do is disrespect the hard work of anyone that helps to move this Association, and their own businesses, forward.

My original question was based purely from a business marketing point of view. It sometimes becomes difficult to find new ways to differentiate oneself from the competition. Each and every little way I can find to add to the reasons of why a potential client should hire me, over my competition, is necessary to survive in todays market. In this case, (Lifetime Member), helps (subliminally) to let my potential clients know that I am in this for the long run, and will be around for them in the future, and that I have the Lifetime support of this Association.

Everyone else,

Thanks for the discussion. When I originally posted a few months ago, Scott was the only one to post a reply. I had forgotten about my original post, until I was reminded of it with the ‘Website of the Month’ contest. The winner of the ‘Website of the Year’ will receive a Lifetime Membership, as well as the ‘Member of the Year’. I know that there are many Lifetime Members from the past, and members that were given free Lifetime Memberships. Yes, I admit, I am one of them. I was mearly looking to see if it was allowed to take advantage of the designation, and if there was a logo for usage.

I again have searched this site, and find virtually nothing about the tiered membership debates Nick spoke of. I do find (current) mention *of working *members *and full *members. Are these not considered tiered membership?

If a Lifetime Membership Logo is not a good idea, I have no issue with that. Business is business, and I’m just searching for ways to move my business forward. Thanks again to everyone for the discussion. My apologies to anyone that I may have inadvertantly offended.


That is because you are searching on InterNACHI’s message board instead of NACHI’s… where the CMI discussions took place:

I feel anyone with less inspections or CE credits than me should have the title “associate”.:slight_smile:

I am also a “LIFER”…I believe thanks to winning the Nachi Member of the Year. Give me a freakin Pin Fella…:wink:

Next year for your Five Year Pin buddy.

If you want a different pin for a Lifer, convince Nick. :mrgreen::wink: