Lifted sewer cap and see water pooling....

2005 Built residence on slab…
Everything checked out good…opened
the steel cap labled (Sewer) in the garage. I seen the
ABS pipe capped…but the surrounding are
was full of water…Is this a sign of a problem?


Was there sewage odour from the water? Or no discernible odour?

No discernible odour…where was the water service line…buried along side the serwer line? could there be a leak from it?

If no odour/leakage, the water table would appear to be extremely high. What about grading around the place…flat, inward sloping, the house on a pad raised from the surrounding land?

I have seen a spring appear under a slab about 6-7 months after it was was poured during a very dry summer. When the fall rains came, the water tables raised and came up through cracks/penetrations of the slab.

The cover says sewer, but what is that in the pit? Cleanout plug … or maybe something else? Hard to see.