Light Bulb Clearance

This light fixture is in a boiler room. The clearance between the bulb and top of the door is about 1/8". Is there a violation here?

Violation? No.

But don’t let that stop you from commenting on it. . .

Those damn low energy adapters…

Yeah, the only reason it is so low is because of that adapter thing. Remove it and the “problem” goes away.
I thought it was an occupancy sensor.
What is a “low energy adapter”?

lol…remove the adapter and it gets even closer to the flex…lol

I’d recommend switching to a CFL and adding a cage to the socket for safety reasons and energy conservation

I’d tell the buyer to keep extra bulbs on hand and leave it at that.

We’re not allowed to throw away CFL’s here because of the Mercury in them. Pieces of **** anyway.

lol…ok Blaine leave the defenseless CFL’s out of this…hell more second hand smoke, smoke from cars, smoke from big industry, dumping in our lakes, ponds and oceans and you name it killin our land…whats a few defenseless CFL’s…hell man…My whole house has em and I kinda like the light…:slight_smile:

tell the homeowner to wear a helmet when the humidity goes above 60% cause once that door expands a little, BAM goes the light bulb when the door is opened into it.

lol…or leave the light on with the door open directly under the light bulb and TOAST the nice wooden door…lol…ever seen one of those easy bake ovens cook a kiddie cake…them puppies get HOT if left on…:slight_smile:

Da*m that made me hungry…I want a kiddie cake…

I prefer Halogen bulbs! :cool: