Light Switch

What would cause a light switch from not turning off in an upstairs bathroom? A GFCI outlet in a half bath would not re-set either. I wouldn’t think the two were related?

I wonder how long the person has lived like this .

The owner seems to think I caused the issues since everything was fine before I got there:shock:. I guess that’s why you hire an inspector to test everything to see if it works.

The home was a 2005 $400k home. Told them they don’t work and went about my business. It would be nice though as to why the light switch wouldn’t work after turning it on but couldn’t get it to turn back of. The owner probably even turn that switch on her self that morning. Great timing I guess for my clients:mrgreen:

[FONT=Calibri]A light switch that does not operates sometimes can indicate a problem in the wiring, switch or fixture that can cause a fire. This type of problem should be immediately investigated, and the affected components repaired or replaced. Contact your local electrician to check all your wires to make sure that they are set up properly.[/FONT]

Explain to the owner that you simply operated the components by the normal controls. If they failed, they were defective. The fact that they failed when you operated them or someone else is a mute point.

A switch failing to turn off the light is a common failure mode for your standard single pole light switch. Had one myself just this year! Could happen at any moment.