Lightening protection

Can anyone tell me if it is okay to run lightening protection wiring inside the attic?


It is okay if you are trying to bring lightning into your home. If you are trying to keep lightning out then it is not such a good idea


Is it a better idea if install a whole home surge protection? If one client told his house had lightning killing his appliances for few times before, do you guys suggest him to install surge protection?



Hello? Anyone?

Interior lightning protection is done (here’s even a kit of parts):
But it hardly seems a good idea. The lightning can ionize the air around the conductor and bring fire right into the framing. I’ve seen the carbonized black streaks on the wall where the original wire that attracted the strike was vaporized.

Appliance death is far more likely a problem with the line power. I’d say whole house surge protection is warranted, along with strips at the appliances.