Lighting fixtures

Hello All, I am a new inspector on the block. Did my first inspection last week, overall I think it went well. I have two photos that I took and wondering if I should make a big deal. When you first look at them, what comes to mind? Implication for me is that they could have damaged the cord when they were trying to shorten the fixture.

Since it is an atypical use of tape and not really needed I would report it. However I would not hypothesize what is going on and just dump it back on the seller to display to your client why they taped it up that way.

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The crazy thing is that it’s not tape. They tied it with ribbon

Maybe they were shortening the chain. I see chains/cords being shortened with zip ties alot when there is no table under the light.

Yes, that was my first Observation

They wrapped the extra length of cord (after they shorten the chain) in what looks like tape instead of cutting it to lenght.


I really thank all of you. I feel part of the team now.

Your welcome, Bennie. Come, participate and enjoy. :smiley:

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Yep. Looks like they wadded up the excess cord in there. Use Manny’s description. Keep the general verbiage for future instances of non-specific, atypical or amateurish installation practices that you are going to encounter on all manner of things.