Lightning Safety Recommendations for Gas Piping

Reading this article might be found interesting, but one thing I would like to point out on this same type of pipe.

My last years project, this same pipe Tracpipe PS II was used in a College Campus Spa where 15 feet was in a PVC sleeve under the slab and 20’ in a wall cavity, concrete and metal stud with 4" of dead space and clipped to the foundation wall.

Monday, this week, this gas line started leaking gas inside the building.

Occupants smelled it and the gas was shut off by the College Maintenance Department.

This installation took place one year ago and 10 months in the Warranty Period. Off course we had to fix it.

There was no way of pulling the gas line out of the wall and under the slab, so a reinstall in an alternate route was taken and back on line by 10:00 Tuesday morning.

A pressure test was taken at the time of the installation and recorded, test were made by the plumbing contractor, taken by the gas company, and when a make up air gas unit on the roof was commissioned, gas line test taken again.

Bottom line, Failure. Prove Manufactures defect, unlikely.

This type of pipe is vented through it’s jacketing and vented to the outside of the building. Supposedly, if the csst leaks, the jacketing vents it outside, but nothing to monitor it if it is leaking.
I guess without monitoring, wasn’t much good.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: