Like me on facebook

Like me on facebook :slight_smile:

Gotcha John, did you see the other post about this subject recently? Frank might be able to elaborate. :wink:

Got a link to look at?


Are you reciprocating John?

I can’t seem to find my URL for my Facebook page. What I mean is if I click johns link to his Facebook page on a computer that I am not already signed into Facebook it shows his page and if I want to like it I just have to log in. Every attempt I have made at adding a link to my Facebook page on my website only leads to the Facebook log in page. Any idea where I can find the proper url?


I gave you one back Frank.

Reboot Manny. You might have some corruption in your browser.

Thanks John

Login to Facebook and then it will allow you to add links on your page.

Liked !!

Thanks Kenneth :slight_smile: