Limited Inspections

I’ve been approached to inspect auction properties with all utilities off. Obviously this limits my ability to inspect plumbing, electric, gas, and HVAC. So, the expectation is that I charge less. I would be pressurizing the plumbing supply side and the gas lines to check for leaks. That will take some extra time. I’d like some input from the group. Do I charge less?

No I would not it sounds like more hassle.

Always find a reason to charge MORE.

Nice guys finish last…Trust me.

Why would you be pressurizing plumbing and gas lines?
That is really technical work, are you skilled as such?

If you aren’t then don’t do it, if you are then you should
be charging a master plumbers wages which are generally
a lot more than what a home inspector charges.

And then on top of that you’re going to inspect the rest of the property?? :shock: