Limited Time Deal - IR Camera & Training

Next IR Webinar Class (16 hrs) on Aug 5-6
Free Energy Audit Webinar Class on Aug 14

Package deal for IR Class & Camera

$4500 - FLUKE TiR Infrared Camera
$500 - Infrared Certified Training
$289 - InterNACHI Membership or Renewal

$5289 - Normal Price

Our price for the above listed items, for a limited time…
$4350 - Total (U.S. residence only)

We do not sell IR cameras, but we have sales reps
who have agreed to make a good deal for our
students only. This is the lowest price for this kind
of package in the USA.

As always, our Energy Audit Class is free.

Contact me for this deal. It cannot be purchased online.
ph… 936-546-2435 email…

FLIR using Fluke’s item numbers these days? The laywers are going to be ticked. :slight_smile:

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](
Fluke Infrared
Testo 327
UEI C125
Makita Power Tools](
Bosch Power Tools](
Blower Door](

Original post corrected… thanks.

John offer this again when I get back on my deployement :slight_smile:

Contact me and I will make a way for you.


160x120 resolution
Fussion (overlaying IR pictures)
2 year full warranty
Carrying case
Reporting software

Any idea how long this deal will be around, Iam the guy that emailed you the other day and cannot do your class till after sept! DAMIT! lol…

Contact me and I will honor the deal, if possible.

This sale is now over. Congrats to those who got it.

That was quick.

I see you did say “limited time”.

This deal is still out there now…

IR Camera & Training Package

I would like to take the class, and already have a camera. Does the $500 for the class includes a free NACHI renewal, or does that only come with the package?

The free renewal is part of the package deal only.

I can offer you a $50 discount on the IR class and you will
also receive $100 off on your interNACHI renewal. Contact me
asap for this offer at

Email sent

Watch for response in your emal.

Are there any onsite classes coming up close to ohio? Maybe in a month or so!:smiley:

Thermal imaging, Infared Cameras & Energy Audits; Seems to me that these services are beyond the scope of a home inspection.:smiley:

No plans are in place to go to Ohio.

At our onsite classes, we turn off the lights and everyone watches
a screen while the class is being taught.

At our webinar class, each person looks a the screen (on their
computer) and listens to the exact same lesson and materials.
There is no difference. We have live Q&A, testing each day,
and a field assignment. The course is very interesting.

Each person downloads the 300 pages of material before the
class starts and we go through each page together.

There are many areas of inspection, in this day in age, that add
value and dollars into the inspectors pockets… ie…

InterNACHI launches ancillary inspection marketing campaign.

InterNACHI is now aggressively marketing members by target marketing the ancillary inspections they offer.  The first phase of this marketing campaign has already launched with a new website **[](** which allows a potential customer to choose and find the InterNACHI members that offer such inspections as:
  • Chimneys
  • Commercial
  • Energy Loss
  • Green Certification
  • IAC2 Certified
  • Lead
  • Log Homes
  • Meth Testing
  • Mold
  • New Construction
  • Pools and Spas
  • Pre-Listing
  • Radon
  • Septic
  • Stucco/EIFS
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Water Quality
  • WDO/Insects
  • WETT

REMINDER: Members MUST add the services they offer to their profiles at](

Members can update the list of services they offer whenever they like. Also, to update contact information go to

If you don’t, your competitor will.