Lincensing Coming to Minnesota?

Looks like that other org has been busy again with the help of the news media.
Take a look at this i-team report from 7-9-2007 news brasdcast.

Video Story

Do we have an active chapter in Minnesota to fight this?

Did you notice the lights were out on the not so good inspector, but it was for the ashi guys, also the furniture was in house so this was a staged inspection. Time to write the news station and complain about how they are being used to misinform the public.

There is or was a chapter in northern MN but I don’t know how active it is.

There have been proposals for licensing in MN in recent years but they have not progressed very far.
I wonder if this is an attempt to spur action however the MN legislature is not in session at this time.

It could be a poorly timed move by an ASHI chapter or it could be designed to back up an ongoing behind-the-scenes effort to garner support for the next legislative session.

The Missouri Association of Realtors, for instance, is working hard (I have been told by a real estate friend) to find a client of mine who is unhappy and willing to go to the press. It seems they feel a need to discredit me, for some reason.

The media does not usually seek these things,but have them brought to them by a special interest group pushing for some type of controls.

I don’t see anything wrong with the report. I would like to have seen all of the inspectors credentials.

The inspector who didn’t go in the crawlspace is a prime example why licensing is needed. If the licensing has a set of standards and the inspector didn’t follow them, then, hopefully, enforcement will take place.

On a home like that, I would have spent at least two hours on it, probably more.

The reason these news organizations pick ASHI is because they are the oldest and the news companies don’t know any better.

Perhaps someone from this org. should challenge the reporters to have an ASHI inspector go in and then a NACHI inspector go in. Then compare the reports. Hopefully, at worst, the NACHI inspector will find everything that the ASHI guy did.

That would prove what most already know, it isn’t the organization, it is the individual inspector that matters.

Yes it would be nice if they revealed the background and associations/training or lack there of of ALL the inspectors. They didn’t. how curious.

That’s just sloppy reporting for an investigative team. Why should they “pick” anyone without mentioning the others. They only mentioned purchased certifications without any explanation.(wonder where that info came from)
With other well known organizations in existence, not mentioning them or their requirements and then to only partially explain ASH**'s seems more than a little one sided.:(. Did you notice how they didn’t mention the Ash** Associate status or it’s requirements for training or testing.? Oops, I guess they forgot or never knew.:shock:

Your observations are valid, Mike.

The media learns its bias from the people who come to them with the idea for the report. Last Spring in my state, the legislator writing the bill and the Missouri Association of Realtors went to a TV station with a similar horror story.

Right before they aired their piece, they called Nick for a statement and Nick gave them to me. After speaking with the reporter and having him interview an additional three inspectors, he threw the original negative report away and did an etirely different piece.

Once in a while you get lucky and have a reporter who handles the story objectively. Other times, you get a reporter that regurgitates what he is fed.

James, Would you be interested in helping me with an interview with a major newsreport that is pro-licensing in WA State? It’s completely geared that direction since they’ve already covered the other angles. They’ve given me as much air time on it as I want basically.


Cool. I’ll email with the details. I need someone who can stay on point and stick to the pro side of the debate only. The reporter will be giving plenty of questions from the opposing side.