Lindsay Lohan, eHarmony and Basement Waterproofing, got milk?

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Eh, when home inspectors go to homes and see that an interior basement drainage system was previously installed (as in photo below), do they inform these homeowners that (among other pertinent things), soil gases including radon can EASILY enter those basements DUE TO, a GAP(s) left open along bottom of foundation wall/floor?
See the gap, huh? It goes all the way around basement :wink:

Hey lool, if these interior system co’s are so honest, so experienced then why don’t they tell/inform ALL homeowners that soil gases can, will enter their basements through these gaps or, it can also enter the basement through exterior cracks etc in block, brick basement walls or, when-where they DRILL HOLES in the blocks… they leave these holes… OPEN!!!
Jesus, Mary n Joseph!!

Does Mr. ‘clear and concise’ Haege explain any of this to his listeners?
Umm, don’t think so! ](,)](,)](*,)

You want an UNBIASED OPINION on BASEMENT WALL DAMAGE, cracks, bowed wall, leaks? Here you go :wink:
Scroll down to… Basement wall damage, read what they say.

Do they say something like, It’s fine to LEAVE the clay etc on the outside of the wall and NOT waterproof the exterior wall and instead do they say, Its fine and dandy to install an interior basement drainage system and maybe some wall anchors or carbon fiber straps??? Huh?

So what do home inspectors tell sellers/buyers when there’s an existing interior system and wall anchors or carbon straps were installed against a bowed basement wall? Umm, do any tell homeowners they are/should be good-to-go, huh? No kind of warning to potential buyers that there can be further damage, leaks, problems? Sheeeeeeesh.

Forensic engineers, Plick and Associates
scroll down to… A Little Crack can mean big problems
“Basement walls are subject to lateral pressure from the WEIGHT of the SOIL piled against it…moisture-in-the-soil increases the weight acting upon the wall…the mortar joints are weaker than the masonry blocks.”

Wall anchors were installed here…some cracks have widened, blocks deteriorating, water still entering, mold etc
Ummm, did someone claim the wall anchors were all that was needed, huh?
Did someone claim the wall, the blocks won’t get worse because some moronic incompetent interior system owner/saleperson said so? looool
Do any home inspectors say the same crap?

Colorado geological survey
…“Swelling soils are one of the most significant, widespread, costly and least-publicized geologic hazards…(Jones-Holtz)… swelling soils are a nationwide problem…Each year, shrinkage or swelling inflict at least 2.3 billion in damage to houses, buildings etc…MORE than twice the damage from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes”

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Jim Beam-- She says she has never had a boyfriend. Kind of like interior system companies who’ve never waterproofed an exterior wall, got that?

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