Line of Sight

Well, at least they were adjusted correctly, in line! :slight_smile:

greene 108.jpg


I have seen this setup at least 3X in my area. I see them half way up the door tracks as well. So much for the 6/8 inches off the ground.

I am not sure what the home owner or installer was thinking/drinking.

At least it is an easy fix.

You mean they are the safety sensors for a OH door? I didn’t really know what I was looking at until David mentioned the 6 to 8" above the floor.

Looks like the roof is leaking too.

During a long and very hot afternoon inspection, I had to laugh when I saw the door sensors carefully mounted on the roof rafter. Of course it was reported as a serious safety issue. Yes, there were roof leaks, but the stains shown are from previous leakage. :slight_smile: