Linemans gloves

If anyone has ever really seen a ARC FLASH they will understand that thin gloves will not protect you…and while the glasses will protect your eyes…the flash itself will most certainly scar you for life…

Everytime you go into a panel the risk is their…thats why HI’s get paid the BIG BUCKS…thehehehehe

No **** Paul I am just trying to help.:smiley:

You always hear about the back of the hand crap, but shocked is shocked. I will agree that if you know the panels idiosincrecies (sp) then you should be OK , but there are so many new folks on this board that I think it is imperetive to explaine to them the correct way to open a “hot” panel.

I myself, like to wear gloves and a good pair of eye protection. If you do not then you risk being sparktrocuted or being arcflashed!

Please were your PPE.

I have installed several hundreds of panels of all different types in order to double tap the bottom breaker and install a sprinkler timer (b4 I knew it was wrong of course)…and never really was taught the proper way…please help all us new guys Todd and let us know…here is how I do it now:

First I use my contact voltage detector to make sure the panel isn’t already “hot” before I remove the 1 screw left after the homeowner messed with it…

Then I make sure I use my right hand…leaving my left hand behind my back…making sure I’m not standing in the kiddie pool while doing this…

Then I use my screwdriver…my insulated “special” screwdriver…to gently pry the panel out so I can grab it…then I put the screwdriver in my pocket and using only my right hand pull the inner panel off, being careful not to let it bounce inside…once it is free of the panel, I lay it on the ground at my feet and proceed.

I install it the same way.

I do not wear gloves as I didn’t ever give it any though…I don’t wear safety glasses…for the same reason.

Little help here please…thanks. I want to live long enough to be able to help newbies also.


To be straight up with you Tony I do not were 00 gloves. I have worked on 13,800 without gloves. However, if you want to be safe the leaste you can do is were some nice (dry) leather gloves. I would also spend the cash on some good electricians boots.

It’s your ***, do as you will.

This is by far you most important piece of equipment. You must were safety glasess!!!