Link Farms?

I have been going through my link exchange page (house cleaning),and noticed a few members exchange links using . Is that considered link farming and how does that hurt to be linked with these sites???

It’s hard to tell from their site, I’d have to see some real examples, but I’d stay away as it’s ad supported. You’re better off collecting the sites of your fellow NACHI members and adding links yourself.

Link farms are typically a collection of thousands of websites that all share links. You add your link to one and you end up on all of them. Each page on each site might have hundreds of links. Years ago this fooled the search engines and helped your rankings. Now it will not help your rankings at all and will probably hurt you. The ‘hurt you’ part is still speculative as it’s not supposed to be possible to negatively affect a site’s rankings with off page optimization (meaning something that isn’t on your own site), but more and more people are saying this is occuring now. The reason it’s not supposed to happen is that I could go add all my competitors to link farms and hurt their rankings. That wouldn’t make sense and shouldn’t be possible. Does it really? No one knows for SURE. We just know it definitely doesn’t help you.

It’s probably not going to hurt you to be associated with a site that associates with link farms.

I just wasn’t sure. You cleared it up for me.


When you add sites from link market, your linking to one site at a time and they link back. You are not linking to hundreds of sites with one link


I use LINKMARKET on a daily basis. It’s an awesome site. There’s nothing wrong with this site. I use it to locate related links. This site is where I got most of my links from.

It’s not link farming. Link farming what Dominic explained to you.

Got it. I was just making sure. I’ll look into it when I get some free time.

There ya go Linas. Now that I’m back home I looked at it some more. It’s basically a directory of people willing to exchange links like the others said.

I’ve been using for years now and I’m still getting requests on a daily basis. If you’re seeking a lot of links, simply sign-up.

I found several broken links on my link page yesterday so I did some clean up. One of the broken links still had Inspector Wendy listed as a link partner!!! So I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you need to stay on top of things on your website and keep it up to date.

I had 49 on my NACHI links page.

I would like to install a automated links manager to help. I spent all weekend updating and now I wait for responses back from all the e-mails I sent

Good idea, guys.

I’ve got some cleaning to do myself. I think I’ll start with the iNACHI inspector links.

I’d love to get a links manager installed some day.

I downloaded this it’s free. I haven’t tried it yet PHPLinkDirectory: Version 2.1 Version 2 is fre version three is $$$