Linking Florida togethor

Ok about to spend a billion (Not really) but on new site and sub sites for the company.

SEO guy suggested and I have to agree.
I am not in the business of expanding or covering any other territory, For example when someone calls me out of my area. *(Which happens a lot) *for a inspection in Orlando, I refer them to NACHI. Not just Orlando but away 75 miles from Naples.

WHY do this? Back linking is important to every website!

We want to direct Link with 20 Other sites that are around florida and more then 75 miles from Naples. Your site must be a real site and have pages ranked already.
You will be adding a page to your site, just like my site, that will be a page of other inspection companies out of your area for customers, In real time it will be for the search engines to see the relevant links and gives us HI rankings as 20 vs individual. It gives us all creditability with google. With the NACHI back link connecting us all again.
it will work.

For Example I will have a link for the company
ABC Home Inspection - Orlando, FL -
200 Word quick description of the company, logo and a link to your site.
CDE Home Check - Miami, FL
200 Word quick description of the company, Logo and a link

BUT HERE IS THE RETURN ISSUE. HOPEFULLY THIS GROUP OF 20 OF US CAN WORK TOGETHOR, YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A LINK BACK TO the others. Once we get all 20 of us linked all together plus linking to NACHI this will help all of us! WHY? Its all relevant information to the seach of home inspection, the web crawlers for search engines will crawl thru each of us. PLUS IT MAKES SENSE. The page is out there to help the public find a home inspector. You will be using my key words and site as index for yours and it will be a Internet circle.
Slab-2-Shingles - Naples Florida
“LOGO” [FONT=Arial]Slab 2 Shingles! is a privately owned business that live and work in the community. Our office is located in Naples, FL. We have been serving Southwest Florida since 1991, our main service areas are Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers. Our 2 man Home Inspectors are Florida licensed, insured and bonded. We also carry our own E&O insurance.[/FONT]
[FONT=Trebuchet MS]With our trained Home Inspectors at Slab 2 Shingles, you will get a wind mitigation inspection that is a detailed report in compliance with all insurance companies. It will be sent back to you and a copy will be sent to your homeowners insurance company. Inspectors and Report Writers are available for any questions that you may have along the way. This is the way we do business; we are here to ensure your peace of mind, save you money on your insurance, and provide the area as a industry leader a certified wind mitigation report. [/FONT]

This is going to be a ton of work for me but I really think this will work.
Cost! $0.00 - it is for all us to do.

Email me for more information in private or post with any questions.

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have a good one

Thanx Rick for pointing that out!