Linoleum Inspection. Another new InterNACHI inspection article.

Linoleum Inspection.

Your second last picture was not actually Linoleum But Armstrong Designer Solarian…an inlaid vinyl floor with a Hydrocord backing…the Hydrocord backing did indeed contain asbestos…an interesting side note Armstrong International was originally the Armstrong Cork company and a major manufacturer of Linoleum flooring.
The burlap backed varieties were called battleship linoleum, but there were also plenty of felt back varities available…

Thanks for your feedback, James! We’ll amend the article to correct this discrepancy.


Thanks again for clearing up the discrepancy with the picture. As I mentioned in the article, other flooring materials are commonly referred to as linoleum, especially vinyl. Pretty silly, really, considering how different they are. I don’t have the expertise to tell them apart through an internet image so I trusted the label provided by its source, but I’ll take your word for it that it’s vinyl.

We’re also going to throw in some stuff about battleship and inlaid linoleum, thanks for that too.


The additional content regarding “battleship linoleum” has been added to the article.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!