Lions and Packers and Bears (OH MY!)

Bear down Chicago Bears you are the “pride and joy of Illinois” and you beat the other two plus the Cowboys (OH MY!)

They are for real.:):):slight_smile:

Anyone can beat the lions big deal.

Every expert has picked either Packers or Cowboys to go to the Super bowl but we beat both.:slight_smile:

Hestor is back

plus the Cowboys … The who? :mrgreen:

Chris I do not know about you but I am sick of so called experts from E****ast coast Sports P****rogramming Network picking the Cowboys year after year.


You have no idea of what sick is unless you are a Cleveland Pro sports fan.

Browns have sucked for the 11 years they have returned.

Indians are a joke.

Lebron left and the Cavs will follow the other 2 into the toilet.

I have my sons 9 year old team to cheer about(He is the best defensive player) I also support are local high school 4-1.

I have the Ohio State Buckeyes to watch. #2 in country.

I have always liked football the best, but it is sad to watch the Browns!!

I feel for you but at least you have Drew Cary and the Rock and Roll Museum.
OK worse than I thought.:frowning:

I saw the pre-game comments Bob, to some extent they celebrated the Cowboys beating em’ before the game even started. Ooops

Yep ,and on the ESPN site they were already talking about the Packers going to the number one power ranking after they beat the Bears.
Long season though and hard to pick any one certain team as of yet.

It really helps me to see my 10 year old son playing smash mouth football. He really hits hard. High school coach has his eyes on him already.

I even go to the high school away games as I am starving for some local football were the team is competitive.

I envy you guys having a chance to go all the way. Week 3 and it already over for the Browns.

You would think in 11 years the Browns could find a coach, QB, impact player, they do the same dumb moves year after year.