List drop down moved on HIP mobile, why?

It used to be in the top center, now its on the top right. Was this something people were asking for? I use the app ambidextrously and now its difficult to reach it when I use my left hand.

Which list? Been asking for caption list on mobile to display the list with an option to add a comment. In other words when you click on the “add a caption” area, the list of your canned captions comes up. Not the area to type a caption with the option to hit the “pick a caption” button which displays the canned captions.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for here! You already have the ability to type your own caption or selected from a list with canned captions and selected comments. Break it down more for this simpleton :mrgreen:

What device are you on? Are you referring within the caption area or normal comments?

In mobile, using note 4, I take a photo, press “ok” to accept photo next screen has option to edit and add caption. When I hit “add a caption” a blank screen shows up with the option to “pick a caption”. 9 times out of 10 I already have a canned caption. Would be faster if the list of captions popped up with an option to type a new caption when hitting the “add a caption” button.

You do have the option…start typing in the box.

It would save 2 or 3 clicks if the canned captions popped up when you click the add a caption button.(add an add a caption button into the list of canned captions) 2 clicks the way it with the “save” button now. 3 if you added an autosave feature when you click on a canned caption.

I’m on an iPhone 5s and it’s in the normal comment section

I don’t see the issue. I think the newest version of mobile is awesome.

I’m just waiting for the day when Dom figured out how to eliminate the need for cloud services.

Can you get me a screenshot por favor?

What would be even quicker is if captions auto popped when you “ok” a photo.

…and if you do not wish a caption you have extra clicks ?

Have a blank space at top.