List of every licensed Realtor in your County, Counties or State of FLorida Available

I have a fun time data mining, been doing it since the birth of the Internet as a hobby when I cant sleep at night. Sorta the stuff like the new Alphabetized Member Benefits PDF file I prepared for the group.

Anyway I am curious if there is a need for every Licensed real estate sales associate and Broker in the state of Florida. Prepared by county. The list would contain only FRESH data meaning the name and address of only licensed and Active real estate professionals and include the type of license and their home address. Some listings would include the agency address.

Because my hobby has been serious over the years I have the ability to provide the data in several formats such as: PDF, Ascii, MS Access, Excel, Comma Delimited, MS Word, Random Access, Mailing Label or pretty much any other format you would like. The resulting data would be provided pure Native, or zipped. And to make it even more friendly I would provide the listings alphabetized by zip code. ( O.K., so I don’t fugg around :stuck_out_tongue: )

The poll contains only three questions, If I offer it would you want a single county, multiple counties or the entire state? BTW, the entire state consists of some 48000 entries as I recall. My decision to continue will depend on how many responses I get. Thanks for humoring me.

Bruce Gregory, Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503,

Age is a state of mind, however not yet a state of mine”. bg

Thank you Bruce

Are you cool with this?

Well it would have been nice if they gave my effort a credit but it doesn’t surprise me, I made a donation to that group too and never so much as got a thank you. But then I also made a donation to the Nachi Nickels group without mention either, I guess because I am only a lowly Home Inspector and not a vendor.

Like they say, you can put a tie on a pig, but it will still be a pig. :wink:

Bruce Gregory, InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503
Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
“Age is a state of mind, however not yet a state of mine”. bg


Nachi Nickels is just getting underway. The board has not been set yet. You can contact Aubrey with questions and comments. I am sure this will be addressed. Some may not want anyone to know what they donated.