List of issues

I feel there are several things needed to be addressed…but what LIST of things would you feel most important to call out about this panel? or do I simply blanket statement with have a licensed electrician take a look? any feedback is very much appreciated.100_4054 (Small).JPG

100_4055 (Small).JPG

I know my areas of expertise & this isn’t one of them. So I am asking for help from those of you who DO know. And I thank you!


The panel I am looking at this the main panel in the house...and not a remote distribution panel ( sub ).....because if this is the only panel in the house I have a few problems with it....but most certainly ANYTIME you feel something is not right based on your training..never feel bad in defering....

1.) This looks like it has no Main Breaker and would not compy with any 6 throw allowance…so that is enough to defer.

2.) I notice the buss bars for the grounded and grounding terminations is bonded to the enclosure…which would give support to issues listed in # 1 above.

3.) Some of the wire appears to be rather deteriorated…so I would suggest that be reviewed.

4.) You have splices ABOVE the panel ( outside ) that are not in junction boxes and so on…so defer that on as well and chances are they are splices into this panel from an upgrade of some sorts.

5.) Also appears to be some aluminum wiring on the bar to the bottom left…but can’t see anymore of it or where it happens to go…

I am sure others will chime in…and I have to run to a job site but just in that alone I would say defer and you will be justified.

unprotected wires and wire nuts outside of the panel
ungrounded branch circuits- hopefully there are two pronged receptacles through out the house
The neutral and ground busses should be separated even though there are ungrounded branch circuits? not sure of that one.
I would kick it anyway for the exposed wires and wirenuts outside of the panel.

I was hoping you all would jump in - thanks.

yes, this is the main panel. this is the home built in 1920.

Also looks like the left bus bar may be scorched at the bottom.


Was their a disconnect on this service at the meter enclosure…if not refer to # 1 in my original statement and defer it on that basis and note the other items in your report. The Electrical Contractor will clearify up the other issues when they come to examine the service…IF the client actually reads the report…so you cover yourself.

thanks again for your time. It is much appreciated.
I want to show you the fuse box found in another basment…it will blow your mind (no pun intended!).