List of who in the inspection industry sells consumer data.



Nathan Thornberry?

Not technically. He resells it.




InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee program?


Who is selling consumer data in our industry then???

The Home Inspectors themselves

Chuck got it.

With the assistance and for the inducements provided by these other entities.

Inspectors sell or trade their client’s data every day of the week.

But not all do.

No one has received bigger incentives to sell or trade consumer data than InterNACHI, and we’ve never done it and never will.

Inspectors are the ones gathering and selling data in our industry.

InterNACHI doesn’t buy it, doesn’t sell it, doesn’t trade with it, doesn’t trade for it.

InterNACHI doesn’t buy it, doesn’t sell it, doesn’t trade with it, doesn’t trade for it.

Can I get a website badge that states that? Maybe a shield or something similar that states as a proud Internachi member I will not participate or support any entity that collects my customers data for the sole purpose of profit?

Except that is not true of every nachi member. The Indians traded for beads. InterNACHI members trade for cute logos bs warranties.

Those ones don’t get to put it on their site.

Why has the Buy Back data entry page changed recently so that it tries to “guess” the full address of the home after I input the house number and street name?

When the program was first introduced it touted the fact that it did not collect the full address so there is no way that information could be used for other purposes.

I find this change troubling in light of everything else that is going on.

Interesting. Seems like we find out a little bit more everyday. Still haven’t heard about Porch giving/selling the info. to Realtor dot com yet. Seems like that 5 bucks gets stretched pretty good.

Matt. 7:15-Matt. 7:16

Reselling info is still selling it, so technically YES. I also bet he sells 1st hand any info he is smart enough to get on his own and not obtained from other sources. It’s all is just semantics anyway as in the end he does SE#LL the info.


That is still to be determined as you really don’t know for sure. Also indirectly they do as every contractor they get to do a job that was derived from an inspectors data is in essence sold…That being said I’ll go with yes in my opinion.