Listen to my national radio show interview on pre-listing and skipping inspections.

Real Estate Today:

=D> Good job! Nice interview.

I didn’t know home inspectors made sure a home is up to code? When did that make it into the SOP?

At ~ 2:10, into the interview, the interviewer says something like: “When you talk about the safety angle, the home inspector will make sure that every single system in your home is up to code”, and he was not corrected.

Helpful interview aside from that tidbit. Good thing Nick didn’t say it. :stuck_out_tongue: :shock:

Hope things are good out your way, Paul. :slight_smile:

I’m ok Larry. And yep, the radio host did say that.

Teah, I think Nick should have corrected that ding dongs comment and set the publics straight on exactly what a home inspection is so their expectations aill not be incorrect.


I agree
Otherwise I liked the interview.