Listen to the best interview of a very successful home inspector.

OK, I have to confess something. I was just really honored to hear what he said about me.

But aside from that, his comments about report generation are really interesting. You won’t believe how he does his reports!

And he does it without a computer or iPad!

I listen to the podcast often…haven’t heard this one yet though.

Sorry my A.D.D does not allow listening to the thick southern accent for One hour and 39 minutes plus 40 seconds to understand your point .
Have a summery ?..Pictures or quick video that I can go through fast ?

Maybe a report sample if it is so good ?

Listen to it while you write a report. He doesn’t have to write reports at night. His system is so simple and fast.

the part about Nick and InterNACHI starts about the 40min mark.

But the part about report writing is long before that Bob.

Went to his site a few minutes and saw a old version look of Home Gauge with lots of check boxes which I do not like. Would not have beaten Frank or been in top ten if entered in HG contest last year.

Would love to see a sample. Never mind, found it on the site.

Since pictures/videos can’t be carbon-copied, how does that work with the written reports on site I wonder?

Yes, they can. I have done onsite reports, videos, pictures, printed reports, copies to all agents/buyers all onsite for many years now. I had to create my own software, because to this day, no other software can do what mine does. I average 3 hours per inspection, and rarely do any work at home. Reports average 25 pages. I sleep long and well every night.

Okay to be fair just before starting my report listened from 17 to 27 minute mark.

He does a Matrix hand written report and thinks they are the best because he is old school .

He does the HG version at a $50 dollar up charge and it is Okay other than the checklist and does have the usual have Contractor examine then repair canned lingo .

His report example does not show the Matrix style because lets face it it would look terrible as an example and when a Client gets that hard copy in their hands which sounds great may not be so great when forwarded to the Mortgage Broker,Lawyer and Agent later so guess how many referrals he just lost .

Monday I am scheduled to do a nice home on referral from a Mortgage Broker who has seen many of my reports and loves the summery plus numerous photos that make everything clear and obvious.

Yes he sounds like good old Uncle Dave with down to Earth advice but in practice a old paper report is a “Old Paper Report”.

Anyway… back to my 2 hour computer report.:slight_smile:

P.S interesting he still feels a need to use warranty and recall check services which take up more time of his and must be tricky to do all that with a pencil on site.

That is one reason why some HI’s DO offer free home warranties, because their reports are so basic that they need some sort of protection. I have several examples of these types of reports, some from franchise companies. The goal of many HI’s, and state licensing laws, is to not alarm the REA. I have attended Mr. Crow’s seminars on this subject, and had to walk out each time. Such as democrats and republicans, you have to choose which way to want to serve your home buyers/clients.