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No…but in a little bit, after I have a bowl of soup, I’m going to tell my story of this week’s winner of the “Used House Salesman of the Week” award.

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Three inspections in three days…all lakeside properties on hillsides overlooking beautiful Table Rock Lake…and all three were duds.

The first, a foreclosure that has been vacant for two years, was totally consumed by termites with another lake forming from within the crawlspace from a broken service line that appears to have frozen in December.

The second and third each had inoperable septic systems with effluent flowing down the hill and into the lake.

The second house is the one with the used house salesman bound for Hell.

We call it a house, but in actuality, it is a two car garage with an apartment over it. The house was to be built on the property, later, but never came about. The garage was at the end of the driveway, of course, and had two garage doors – one automatic and one manual. It could not be entered from the apartment, above, but only through the garage doors or a side door on the opposite side from the upstairs apartment entrance.

I describe the garage as I do for, when I pointed out to the client that the garage had no firewall (walls or ceiling) and had open heater vents … the agent explained to my client that this would be easily fixed. He would simply have an appraiser he knows come out and declare the garage to be a “basement”.

And…as for the sewage rolling in to the lake…he knows a guy who will fix it. While this particular county has no building codes, there are septic codes…but not to worry. While there would be no permit (since his pal is not licensed to install a septic system)…“once it is buried, no one will know the difference, anyway”.

This was a “buyer’s agent” by the way.

After providing my client with the report and before the agent got a chance to get “his guy” to the property, I reported the flow of effluent to the county health department…just to be sure that the seller does not pass this off to the next guy.

Yes, my client walked. Called me today with another place he …and his new agent…will meet me at on Tuesday.

What kind of soup did you have?

“Client and his new agent”, excellent.

You need to learn to write a little softer down there James, it’s all about the view…location…location…location… :smiley:

This, today, in the KC Star…

Nine home inspectors met with Mo House Rep. Curt Dougherty in his office on the morning of January 14, 2010, to discuss with him the rumors that he was going to support the Missouri Association of Realtors and their annual bill to regulate home inspectors.  Dougherty had supported the home inspectors in each previous year, fighting the bill for its conflict of interest and its harm to the inspection industry.

This year was different. Same bill…same wording….but Dougherty was supporting it. Why?

“You may as well put a “For Sale” sign in front of this capital building,” he told us. “The real estate lobby is very powerful and spend a lot of money, here. Next week, they are taking the entire legislature out for an evening of wining and dining,” he said.

“There are nine of you. For a thousand dollars apiece, you hire a lobbyist and he gets things done for you,” he added.

I asked him “What about the consumer? Who takes care of him?”

Dougherty told us “It is not about being right or wrong. It is all about money. I hate to put it this way, but it’s the truth.”

Chicken. My wife makes the best chicken soup and sitting here on top of our hill, looking down at the winter blast covering our little town, it tastes soooooooo good.

I have to say this…

Since moving down here to Southwest Missouri from St. Louis a year ago, November…this is only my second crooked real estate salesman.

In St. Louis, we had thousands…all crawling over the top of one another trying to get a sale…and never to be seen again. Anything goes, there…and they will ask you (after 45 minutes of inspecting) why you are still there.

Here, the real estate salesman is part of the small community and everyone knows where they live…where their husbands/wives work…etc.

I have taken on a different strategy. I refuse to inspect for clients who use the crooked used house salesman. I explain to those that I work with and who refer me that if either of these two guys (so far) are involved in the deal, don’t call me. I don’t want to be connected in any way with anything they do.

The word gets around in a small town pretty fast. It’s helped me get even more calls.

I recommend it to everyone in a small town.

Good advice!