Listing prices on the internet

I’ve noticed that many of you are listing your prices on your websites. But, not all. Is that working for you?

Thank you, your feedback and opinions are appreciated.:smiley:


I prefer not to only because one size does not fit all. Age condition, type of construction, occupied, unoccupied, bank repo etc all have a bearing on price. I prefer to do as much research on the property as I can before giving a price.

Happy Inspecting!

This topic comes up about once a month, and everyone is different. Some are dead against it, other are totally for it. I’m one of the ones that do list prices, but more often than not, my calls from potential customers always start like this…

“I saw your web site on the Internet and I want to get some prices…”

So it’s completely up to you. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.

Not a good strategy.
When I see it I think the Inspector is a jerk trying to ruin the industry.
If I gotta say why, it is not worth saying.

After years of helping thousands of inspectors doing websites I can tell you that unless you’re the rock bottom priced inspector, don’t list them. We’ve helped inspector after inspector run tests before and after listing prices and they always get more calls when they’re not listed.

It is only good when you offer a great price. I do not offer it on my normal informational websites only on special deals.

Inspectors offering rock bottom prices on websites are training newbies to use rock bottom prices which in turn ruin this profession.

This is not a retail or Wall mart business gentlemen.
Any questions?

Thank you for your comments. They go along with my own experience with prices on flyers.

Looking at some of the pricing on the net, I don’t know how some of the guys can make a living.


I’ve been here now over 3 yrs. Listed prices for a long time on my site. I quit doing so and I almost can’t keep up with the calls.

I didn’t list them for a long time, got a bunch of phone calls of people asking for pricing which wasted my time. They never called back anyways. So I listed the prices and now only get phone calls from people ready to do business.

I’m with you on this Kevin, but in Bob’s eyes we are both Jerks who are ruining the Industry for everyone else.

As I said before, there is no right or wrong answer to this, just opinions. As Dom states, after testing, listing prices will do more harm than good.

I know from my personal experience from shopping on the Internet, I always pass over people who do not list their prices because I prefer to do my research without speaking to people on the phone. After visiting a few sites I can get average price for the item/service I’m looking for, then I look for the value in the price. If everyone is within the same price (say $50) what am I getting for my money? I almost never go with the lowest price, as well as the highest price. I feel my due diligence should land me around the average price with the best value for my money.

This is just my opinion, and that with $4.00 will get you a coffee at Starbucks.

Can’t argue with stats, but we average about 1200 jobs a year, added a price page last year and we are around 700 jobs so far this year. Does free up the phone lines.
As long as sales ($) increase each year, do what you like.
I think each market area may be different.

Everyone have a great weekend, time to go home.