Litigating Like the Viet Cong. How to Win Against an Opponent with Superior Resources

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Just learned about the Montenyard people of VietNam…

They were a “tough” people. They were “natural born hunters” and it was great to have them on your side during a firefight!

After South Vietnam fell to the north the Montagnard people were persecuted and put it to concentration camps. They suffered greatly!

The United States of America and thank them for their service and how they helped save the lives of many, many an American service man!

Written like someone who doesn’t have a freaking clue about the Vietcong and the horrendous atrocities that they inflicted on their own people.

The Vietcong are/were nothing but vicious murderers Who had absolutely no regard for the lives of the men women and children that they massacred!

If you want to make this article “modern and relevant” Why don’t you rewrite this article and take out the Vietcong and insert and praise the Taliban?

Yep. Even though I’m a war buff, the stories about Vietnam are too horrible for me to even just read about. I don’t know how you kept your sanity Frank.

Just visited the Monteyards in North Carolina. Save the Montenyards foundation…

Who said I did? Ask my wife and she will tell you that it is “debatable”!
I want to Southeast Asia in December 1966. I came back to the United States on June 3, 1969. My enlistment was three years long. Out of these three years I served two years six months and 15 days in Southeast Asia. After 46 years on occasion I still wake up screaming and fighting. I don’t know how she puts up with it!
I go to the VA hospital on a regular basis and I have had the privilege to speak to old World WarII veterans about “PTSD/nightmares”. Without exception …they have told me that when they were “young” they spoke to world war one veterans and they had “PTSD/nightmares” about fighting in the trenches.
The bottom line is World War I, World War II, and Vietnam Nam veterans all agree that the “nightmares” will never go away and that there is absolutely “no cure”.
Every physician at the VA tells me that and every combat veteran has “nightmares” and that they will never go away. They also told me it does not mean that we are “crazy”!

So the bottom line is… when I see someone mentioning the Vietcong in a positive/favorable light it sends me through the freaking roof.!:twisted:

And understandably so.