Little Boy's Club

I am resigning from NACHI as of this date.

Reasons–I do not believe a little boy’s club belongs in an organization of many people.

When some little man phones my husband and screams at him so that I can hear it at the other end of my home, THAT’S WRONG.

When some small LITTLE BOYS send my husband private letters with the worst language and thoughts from their minds acting like 8 year olds, THAT’S WRONG.

When they eliminate the MEN who have good intentions and opinions, at least FOUR that I know of,THAT’S WRONG.

When the Master sits on his throne and enjoys watching the dog fights and allows it to go on, THAT’S WRONG.

When I know of people who know, that this is happening and cannot speak up to stop these despicable actions and still belong THAT’S WRONG.

I belong to other groups and have never seen this kind of GARBAGE, now I know why the other groups are successful.

There will never be a Canadian NACHI Chapter in Ontario, as long as this childish attitude continues and THAT’S TOO BAD.

For the sake of the ESOP BOYS the downfall has started, too bad they can’t grow up and act as MEN.

Wake up guys and smell the Roses and start trying to be nice to other members, it’s now too late for some of the BETTER ones, and just watch THEY will get rid of more, if it seems
like your smarter than them.

Charlotte Cooke

Did you email Nick to inform him of your resignation, just to make it official?

As demonstrated by a few people of late, anyone can post a message saying they are “Charlotte Cook” or anyone else.

A private email to Nick from you should do the trick.

Only your second post and you are quitting. You will be missed, I’m sure.


I’m so sorry to hear this, I’m also sorry that Roy is no longer a member of this fine association, Roy is/was a great asset to NACHI.

What bothers me is that a very little man both in stature and integrity has brainwashed so many NACHI members. I was ready to give up my membership in support of him…how stupid was that? He has proved to me and others that he doesn’t deserve our support or loyalty. He is a very vindictive little man. I hope that you and Roy [and others] will soon realize that he is NOT worth the effort…you guessed it, his name is Raymond Wand.

Sorry, James, Char and I are not Like you, we do not post under false names , use Filthy language, or send Emails to people, with extremly foul languge Like you have done.

Thanks Ken ,You can be sure Char will be missed she has spent more hours helping at many NACHI events then I expect You, James Bushart and Mario Kyriacou all added together have.
She has been to every NACHI event I have and worked like a beaver when ever needed.

Thanks Mario you have just confirmed exactly what Char said in her post.
As for Raymond I expect He will be still doing Home Inspections and giving help where he can like he has done for the Last 15 years as a home Inspector.
So nice to see Mario is now a ESOP GROUPIE to help remove Good members from NACHI .
The last time I remember any one not having a fair ,and proper treatment
for alleged wrong doing was ( ) .

The ESOP Found me guilty, with out telling me what I had done wrong ,and never giving me a chance to defend my self.
I guess my Big Mistake was telling the Truth, about the ESOP, and how they Us a Kangaroo court system for Handling things .
I wonder why I never had the courtesy of a reply with the Charge I laid against Jame Bushart a for his filthy letter and Foul posts he made .
This also confirms exactly what I said about the Esop Director, Joe Farsetta and His Henchmen, who just love to use foul language.

Ray and I are still waiting for the lawyers letters and the
[impending laws suits where we are going to loose all our holdings].
Or is this just some more of the typical Gabble flab we have got to expect from the useless ESOP.
I wish all the NACHI members all the best have sure enjoyed most of what has been posted and Hope some how things improve in the Future .

Sorry, Roy. I did not realize this was just a post soliciting pity and support for a dead issue. I thought it was a legitimate resignation, in which case I was recommending that it be made to Nick by email so that he can act on it.


You claim to have helped NACHI and NACHI members, yes you have nobody will take that away from you,however you should have helped yourself first and foremost, you should have distanced yourself from that miserable SOB wand and all he represents. He will back stab you the first chance he gets…stay away from him, he has damaged your reputation.

Roy and Char,


You did that on your own Roy.

ESOP’s decision supported by mathematical analysis.

Recently ESOP expelled 2 Canadian members. I was personally opposed to the decisions to have them removed from InterNACHI. One of the 2 is a close personal friend of mine who has helped InterNACHI and me many times for many years. I’d go as far as saying there wouldn’t be an InterNACHI presence in Canada without him. He is a good friend and I love him. But before everyone (including me) starts thinking poorly of ESOP, I wanted to state for the record that the chances of this decision having little to do with the 2 ex-members is almost zero. Clearly the two ex-members played a role in their fate.

For many years, leaders and members of other Canadian associations have sent me email after email after email (hundreds in all) complaining about these very 2 members. I ignored all of them for years, until today. Today I decided to calculate what the odds were of this being pure coincidence.

There are about 3,000 inspectors in Canada of which my inbox for years is packed with complaints from 2 other Canadian associations regarding only 2 inspectors. I won’t go into all their charges and complaints. Anyway, ESOP recently removed the very same 2 inspectors from InterNACHI. InterNACHI almost never expelles anyone,s so the results of our analysis should end up dramatic.

Let’s see what the odds of this being pure coincidence (the ex-members being innocent victims of ESOP and having played no role this situation) are. The odds of one of the 2 members ESOP expelled, also being one of the 2 very other inspectors that the other associations had trouble with, is 1 in 1,500 (there is a 1 in 1500 chance of drawing 1 of 2 inspectors from a pool of 3,000). Then, the odds of the exact other inspector being expelled by ESOP is 1 in 3,000 (there is a 1 in 2,999 chance of drawing 1 inspector from a pool 2,999).

Now here is where it gets interesting. The odds of them expelling those exact 2 members coincidentally (meaning that the ex-members themselves had NO ROLE in any of this and are purely innocent victims of ESOP) is (1 divided by 1,500) times (1 divided by 2,999) or 1 in 4,498,500. Or in other words… impossible.

I waited until after ESOPs decision today to make this post.

One of the 2 ex-members is my dear friend and always will be. I love him. But basic probability and statistics support several of ESOPs contentions. –
Nick Gromicko, CMI

QUOTE: Nick Gromicko
There are about 3,000 inspectors in Canada of which my inbox for years is packed with complaints from 2 other Canadian associations regarding only 2 inspectors. I won’t go into all their charges and complaints.
[FONT=Book Antiqua]The complaints were for … get ready for a shocker… Code of Ethics Violations!

[/FONT]Anyway, ESOP recently removed the very same 2 inspectors from InterNACHI.
End Quote:

Raymond Wand and Roy Cooke have been and continue to be an EMBARRASSMENT and a DISGRACE to the ENTIRE Canadian Home Inspector’s Industry!

The numerous complaints over the last few years do not lie!

Nick is a smart man… We are ALL glad to see him finally come to his senses!

Roy Cooke is the laughing stock of Ontario!

Good Ole Boys Club

Originally Posted by mkyriacou

*I was at Flir Canada today and they were shocked to find out (via the NACHI MB) about this. I know that everyone at Flir thought it was a great idea including the President of Flir (Canada). *
*Rumor has it that they were planning something big for Roy but it was canceled. *
End Quote.

Were they also shocked to find where he {Roy Cooke} shamelessly pleaded to be nominated for this award?

This entire debacle makes the entire “Awards Committee” look bad!

It makes it look like a “Good Ole Boys Club”!:roll:

[size=4]Roy Cooke is ADDICTED to this message board! [/size]

Many of us in Ontario were surprised that he stayed away this long.

Be prepared for a LONG drawn out non sensible, rambling, tirade of;

  1. why he is the victim.

  2. why he was treated so unfairly, when he treats the ENTIRE world so justly!

  3. why he is the only sensible person in the world and if EVERYBODY would just listen to him the world would be a better place!

How in the world can you taint an entire committee, using the actions of one person? Marcel Cyr, Bill Warner and the others do not deserve to be treated like this. I kindly ask you to cease and desist please.

It is unfortunate that you are on the outside looking in and don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.

Knowing who I am talking to would also help, but understandably some like to hide behind a fictitious name so they don’t divulge their true identity and look like a donkey’s behind.

I usually don’t waste my time to unknown parties, but the insults have provoked me to do so.

Hope you have a nice day.

Marcel :slight_smile:


Roy Cooke sits on this committee.

I guess that I was just using Roy Cooke’s method of targeting an entire committee like he is so fond of doing.

Now that he was kicked out of NACHI I guess that this is a moot point.


My day was fine until I saw this dribble that was supposedly written by Charlotte Cooke.

Now instead of the Ray & Roy show we are going to have the Char & Roy show!:roll:

For months it has been the Ray pity party, now it has expanded to the Ray, Roy, Char pity party.

Roy/Char should pick better friends, Ray has done them no favors.

You are know by the company you keep. Roy allowed Ray to take him down the same deep hole Ray was in, and is now paying the price for a bad decission.

The above members may have in the past been an asset to NACHI, however their most recent posts and actions has done more damage than any of the good could ever overcome.

Some months ago, Ray was “welcomed back” to the message board, and in very short order, he began the “poor me” self pity party. Roy should have distanced himself from Ray at that point, but chose not to and bought into Rays discourse.

Roy, therefore, has only himself to blame. It was interesting to note, that it was not so much the members of the US side of the issue that brought them both down, but the fact that even their own countrymen were against them, and who would know best, than those in Canada that have a daily relationship with the two of them.

So, it is now time to move on from the R,R & C show to more productive issues, rebuilding NACHI as an organization that we can all be proud of.

Frankly, I think the real reason behind Mrs Cooke starting this thread is…no one else would.

The fact that there is no outrage…is outrageous to these poor folks. You really can’t help not feeling sorry for them, in an unflattering sort of way.

Wow! We have nothing like this in my native Romania!