Little Giant Ladders

Good Morning to you all:
I’ve experienced a rather frustrating problem with Little Giant Ladder Company. (LG)
A little history first. I purchased a little giant ladder in 2001 when I became a home inspector in Florida.
About 4yrs ago, I contacted LG to inform them that welds were showing signs of cracking on the ladder.
Since LG comes with a lifetime warranty, I was sent the section with the supports needed. In most cases, this would have solved the problem. Not so. The ladder wasn’t exactly paired to the model I bought in 2001.
My guess would be small changes over the years. But that’s my opinion.
The problem I experienced since receiving the newer section is that the ladder wobbles. I contacted LG hoping to get the issue resolved. Not so fast! After numerous videos and pictures, they refused to honor a warranty of the problem. Their reply: the ladder was tweaked? I’d have to purchase a replacement part+shipping.
What next? After strongly objecting to their decision and explaining my plans to write my story on the NACHI Forum, I received a letter stating I would receive a new section again.
It arrived. Guess what? The ladder still wobbles, just not as much.
My new ladder will not be a LG!

That has worked for many over the years. I’m glad it worked for you and for $400, or so, I would just buy another ladder, if I didn’t feel safe.

I mean, in 19 years, I probably went through 4 or 5 ladders of various sorts.

I figured that I was worth it. :smile:


I think you got the mileage out of that ladder. I buy new ladders often. I bought a 22’ Gorilla Ladder last month and couldn’t be happier with the build quality. I don’t care about lifetime warranty’s they are a marketing tool. I learned a long time ago the lifetime Sears Craftsman warranty is a load of crap.


I believe that many of the LG models and virtually all of the knockoffs (due to the Wing patent expiration) are now made in China. I would avoid any China made ladders.

My 22’ Little Giant of 20+ years ago is still going strong, and so is my 12.5’ Telesteps.

Wonky at best, would never own one.

That’s the same combo I use.

I have the Werner MT-22, MT-17, and MT-13. Used them for 2 inspections per day for the last 10 years with NO problems.

I think my little giant ladder will last forever as its too heavy and bulky that I hardly use it at all.


I’ve used little giant ladders (and their replica werner) since the mid '80’s and have found they are really good ladders. First one I bought I paid 25 bucks for at a yard sale and used it on my framing crew for many years…until we just wore it out…but even then I think parts of it were still usable. After 19 years I would move on…