little roof help

Came across this today and am a little confused. The roof slants at the west front corner. The carport had to be notched to fit. Nothing from the attic looks bad. It is solid when you stand on it. Outside of the fact that the valley is improperly installed and there were probably no permits pulled for this roof, how would you write up this corner of the roof and what would you recommend.

20422 NW 43 Ct Miami(Casimir) 002.jpg

20422 NW 43 Ct Miami(Casimir) 012.jpg

20422 NW 43 Ct Miami(Casimir) 034.jpg

20422 NW 43 Ct Miami(Casimir) 022.jpg

No help after six hours? Wow.

I have seen the exact same thing here in the Allied Gardens area of San Diego. Most of the homes there were not built with garages or carports, so those were added later. The corner of the house there where the roof seems to be sagging used to have an angle brace support which was removed when the carport was added.

I don’t see any problem with it. You’ve got a barge rafter and fascia with seat cuts in them to rest on the carport eve. That’s OK.